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Welcome. Are you ready?

An hour long, mind numbing experience.

What is a "scalp/head spa"?

There can be many interpretations of a head spa.

I would describe mine like getting a facial,

but on your scalp! 

This hour is loaded with hands on massage hitting all the points around your head to get lymph flowing, and products to deeply cleanse and nurture hair follicles.

It doesn’t matter your gender, your color, your age,

or even if you’re bald.

You may be looking to stimulate hair growth, help your scalp condition, or just simply indulge in a little heaven to melt the stress and tension in your life.

Each of these options may include infrared light therapy, warm head steam, 

head shower with foot massage,

definitely some other goodies,

but always with that heavenly shampoo!

Click the red booking button below to

schedule your appointment today

if you are ready to

Lose Your Mind!

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1 Hour Scalp Spa with Oway $175

Oway is an organic hair care line using essential oils, free of parabens and phosphates, rich with active ingredients to nourish your scalp and encourage hair growth.

The Oway scalp treatment is a transformative, sensory, and personalized experience with all the scalp massage you've been craving

This hour is an amazing overall head spa experience with options customized to your scalp's needs, like a detoxifying clay mask, Oway's signature Flowerfall scalp soak, and a scalp steam to aid in intensifying results, and to further release your stress and tension.

If you require your hair dried, you are welcome to sit under a hair dryer afterwards.

1 Hour Scalp Spa with Histemo $175

Histemo is a product line scientifically dedicated to encourage hair growth. Hair loss can be a complicated issue! I'm using unique techniques to exfoliate follicles, kill bacteria and/or fungus, while stimulating blood flow.


Optimizing this playing field gives your hair a fighting chance to grow!

This hour is designed to heal and rejuvenate the scalp, while still leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed with all the same scalp massage head spa experience. 

You'll get a microneedle roller to experience and keep. Microneedling the scalp not only helps product penetration, but stimulates blood flow, repairs follicles

and encourages hair growth.

If you require your hair dried, you are welcome to sit under a hair dryer afterwards.

1.5 Hour Scalp Spa
with Microcurrent

Enjoy MORE scalp and neck massage, and LONGER foot massage time during the head shower.


use this extra time for microcurrent therapy to stimulate hair growth.

We can choose your product line

when you walk in, customize your head shower, and any other desires.

Please call or text me

to book this service.

Wear comfy clothes,

or change into a spa wrap.

If you require your hair dried, you are welcome to sit under a hair dryer afterwards.

Explanation of the Specialties

Exfoliating scalp mask/scrub: Exfoliation detoxes the follicles of oil

and product buildup.

Hot oil massage: A mixture of healthy fatty oils restores the pH balance of your scalp, moisturizes deeply, brings antioxidants and vitamins to the follicles, and helps to strengthen hair.

Iontophoresis: is a low form of electricity that kills bacteria, and preps the skin

for product penetration.

Microcurrent: excites cells to increase energy production,

improves cellular metabolism, and

encourages new hair cell growth.

Infrared light: IR is proved to dilate blood vessels and stimulate cellular energy to encourage hair growth. IR also boosts serotonin and dopamine, helping your mental well being. 

The Jasper

310 Broad St.
Charleston, SC 29401

You'll find me in the

Ashley Artisan Suite 124

Please allow yourself EXTRA time for traffic and to find parking.

  • There is 2 hr parking on Barre St. or around Colonial Lake

  • The parking garage can be accessed from Barre St. or Broad St. and currently the 1st hour and a half is free! We use the Honk Mobile App.

  • There are 2 walking exits from the parking garage to the Artisan Suites entrance in the front.

  • I'm thrilled to accept payment with cash or apps like Venmo, Cash app, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

  • Credit card payment will be an additional $5 to cover the fee.

  • Vagaro is awesome for finding an appointment, managing it yourself, or putting yourself on a waitlist for cancellations. 

Gift Certificates are available by clicking on the red BOOK HERE button below, then scroll down.
You can pick up a hard copy if you text me to make arrangements!


Your appointment time is reserved especially for you, so if you need to cancel, please give at least 24 hours notice. This way, I can accommodate other clients who may be waiting for an appointment.

You can cancel your own appointment online with Vagaro, or text me the day before to avoid a $75 charge for cancelling the day of.

Missed appointments are also $75.

I appreciate your cooperation and understanding!

If we have weather that makes it unsafe for either of us to be driving, we can cancel your appointment with no charge, of course!

Find me here

The Jasper

310 Broad St. 

Charleston, SC 29401

Suite 124

Enter through the Artisan Suites front entrance


Can I get the scalp spa with hair extensions or braids?

Sadly, no.

If Pregnant

Many of these ingredients are contraindicated for ingestion if you're pregnant or trying to be. While these are not absorbed into your bloodstream, please consult your physician.

I do not recommend this service if you cannot lie flat on your back.

Will this fix my dandruff?

Dandruff is commonly caused by dry skin or fungus. Fungus requires diligence to conquer. I am practicing natural and man made remedies. See if they help you and try continuing them at home!

Will this fix my hair loss?

Maybe not. Hair loss can be hormonal, genetic, or otherwise health related. This service is certainly trying to give hair a fighting chance to grow!

Am I allergic to any of this stuff?

Well, I don’t know either. Patch tests require 12-24 hours, and I'm using MANY ingredients. If you have sensitivities and concerns, this may not be the service for you. If you bring in your own products, I can try to recreate a service that will be safe for you.

Can I get this service if I have eczema or psoriasis on my scalp?

Everyone with eczema or psoriasis, has different triggers. Please use your discretion. I'm performing a lot of massage, which may or may not be irritating.  I am happy to adjust certain ingredients if we can, or bring in your own products to substitute!

Will this affect my hair color?

It would be ideal to plan your scalp spa right before your color appointment. Avoid the scalp spa at least a week after coloring or chemically treating your hair.

Do I need to take my clothes off for the scalp spa?

Nope. I may reach around your neck for massage, if that’s ok. You may wear anything you’d prefer. You may also change into a spa wrap.

Fighting or Recovering from Cancer Treatment

Please consult with your physician. Usually scalp massage is safe while struggling with cancer treatment. My heart goes out to you. You really deserve this comfort. 



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